FRFI 2 Jan/Feb 1980 - Hands Off Zimbabwe!

frfi 2

Hands Off Zimbabwe!

Victory to the Patriotic Front

Interview with Robert Mugabe

19 Years of Torture for Freedom

Fight Racism!

The Attack on Overseas students

November 5th: Chapeltown

Racist attacks - Leeds, and the Earlington family

November 5th: Police get rocket in Chapeltown

Chapeltown Rasta: The persecution continues

South Africa

The ANC 12 Treason Trial

Morning Star Censorship

Black prisoners

From Prison to Prison

Rasta held in Rampton

Liverpool Precinct 5 Defence Committee

Immigration Controls

Repatriation has already begun

Beware False Friends

Anwar Ditta - Black family divided

Southall 342

Racism at work

Asian workers strike in Slough

Broad Left in CPSA scabs on black people

Critical support - thinly veiled racism!

Defend Southall

Southall 342

Defend the Southall 342!

Hands off Ireland news

Hands off Ireland supporters held in PTA raids