FRFI 263 April/May 2018 - Health Crisis: Patients’ lives at risk

frfi 263



Brexit: hard facts deflate Tory illusions

Spring Statement: austerity continues unopposed

Police & Prisons

Liverpool – ‘Britain’s worst prison’

Housing and Welfare

‘Neglected, isolated, abandoned’: Grenfell survivors still failed by rotten state

Fight social cleansing by Manchester City Council

Housing in briefs - FRFI 263 April/May 2018


Health Crisis: Patients’ lives at risk


Academy schools: from blue-sky thinking to a foggy future

Trade Unions

University workers fight for their pensions

Fight Racism

SWP defends Zionists

Women’s Oppression

Votes for women: ‘deeds not words’

Imperialism and Crisis

Charities: the corruption of goodwill


Karl Marx 1818-1883: Before all else a revolutionary


A poisonous affair: Russia accused

Latin America

Cuba Elections: the revolution prepares for a new chapter

Venezuela: Decisive presidential elections imminent

United States

Trump starts trade war with China

Middle East

Afrin will continue to resist

Israel: unending aggression and expansionism

Israel's atrocities in Gaza - Book review


Letters - FRFI 262 263 April/May 2018