FRFI 266 Oct/Nov 2018 - Zionism is racism

Fight imperialismFRFI 266

Zionism is racism

Oslo's legacy: Disaster for Palestinians

Bolivia: target of US imperialism

Venezuela battles assassination attempts, hyper-inflation and media hype

Ireland: Stormont remains on ice

Spain: new presidents offers no respite from austerity

Syria: future in the balance

Yemen: devastated by imperialist arms deals

Capitalist crisis

Corbyn fever? Outbreak of faint radicalism in Liverpool

Brexit: Theresa May humiliated at Salzburg summit

The fight for state education

Maternal and reproductive healthcare services cut to the bone

Grenfell inquiry: a long way from justice for survivors and families

China: on top of the world


Fight racism

Defend Palestine solidarity! Fight back!

More empty gestures on Palestine at Labour Party conference

Racism on the rise across Europe



Cuban women lead the way in science

The US expands its propaganda war against Cuba to Facebook


Prisoners fightback

US prisoners strike against slavery and disenfranchisement

G4S and government fail Birmingham prisoners