FRFI 291 December 2022/January 2023 - British state, racist state!

frfi 290

Fight Imperialism

Ukraine: working class bears cost of imperialist war

Haiti resists US intervention

Iran: 'Women, life, freedom!'

Qatar World Cup: human rights and bourgeois hypocrisy

Lions of Palestine roar back

Britain's tightrope in Ireland

Capitalist crisis

The crisis of British capitalism

Britain's capitalist crisis: stagnation and poverty the norm

Organise against poverty and hunger

Britain's childcare crisis deepens

Property snakes and ladders as mortgage rates rise

Britain's damp and lethal homes

Public order bill targets direct action protesters

Fight Racism

British state, racist state!

Albania: migration from the destruction of socialism

Black deaths in prison

Climate Crisis

COP27: the death of 1.5C

Latin America

Class struggle in Latin America

Brazil: Lula is back

Bolivian masses face down racism and reaction

Cuba vive

Cuba leads world with progressive family code

Defend and extend solidarity with Cuba

UN vote: for the 30th time, end the blockade!

Prisoners fightback

Eric Allison remembered

Abolish the IPP for all prisoners


FRFI 291 December 2022/January 2023 - Letters