FRFI 290 October/November 2022 - Ukraine: the long war

frfi 290Fight Imperialism

Ukraine: the long war

British imperialist arms flood into Ukraine

US imperialism provokes China

Palestinian political prisoners striking for victory

‘A moment of change’: rebuilding the Palestinian revolution

Capitalist crisis

 Britain: poverty and hunger grip millions

Truss Government: a runaway train

Shamefaced socialism

The Constitutional Monarchy: a very British arrangement

The housing crisis: falling off a precipice

Fight Racism

Justice for Chris Kaba

Shamima Begum – trafficking victim

Solidarity with protesters

Joint enterprise campaigners evicted from Parliament by police

Health Matters

Defend the NHS, fight for socialism

The legacy of Covid-19

Climate Crisis

Only socialism can solve the climate crisis

Mexico: Coca Cola kills

Pakistan floods: tragedy inflicted by imperialism

Latin America

Chile rejects new constitution

Venezuela: resurgent economy defies imperialist sanctions

Cuba vive

Cuba: a trial by fire

Prisoners fightback

New Cabinet – same old racist immigration policies

Socialist history

Struggle or starve: the Birkenhead uprising September 1932


Letters - FRFI 290, October/November 2022