FRFI 289 Aug/Sep 2022 - Ruling class in crisis

frfi 289Fight Imperialism

Ukraine NATO’s drive to war

Palestine - In the vanguard against imperialism and Zionism

Latin America: the tide turns against imperialism

Imperialism in Puerto Rico

Global Hunger - a crisis made by imperialism

People’s struggle in Sri Lanka

Turkey: Spreading the chaos

Ecuadorians force banker president to negotiating table

Capitalist crisis

Ruling class in crisis

The age of austerity war on the poor

Tensions escalate over Northern Ireland Protocol

Capitalism is bad for your health

Covid-19 in Britain, an absolute disaster

Fight Racism

Fight deportations! Defend human rights!

Climate Crisis

The Climate Crisis: no solution under capitalism

Heatwaves warn of catastrophic future

Cuba vive

A New Campaign Against Banks Blockading Cuba

Prisoners fightback

Racist sentencing for Telegram messages

Prison – a political weapon

Rage against deaths in prison


FRFI 289 Aug/Sep 2022