FRFI 284, October/November 2021 - Climate change: a fight against imperialism

frfi 284

Capitalist crisis


Fight Racism

Afghan refugees receive a British welcome

Vaccine racism and protectionism

Police Bill: objectively racist

Fight Imperialism

Afghanistan: imperialist troops out

Targeting China: inter-imperialist divisions sharpen

Nicaragua: US interference intensifies 

India: from women’s unity to unity against fascism

Palestine: the great escape


Climate Crisis

Climate change: a fight against imperialism

Plastic planet

Newcastle COP26 march: Labour and its allies ban FRFI

Cuba vive

Cuba accelerates vaccine drive

Cuba: Biden tightens the net

Fight women's oppression

Fight imperialism! Fight women's oppression!

Texas abortion ban: more attacks on women

Prisoners fightback

'Graduating through the school of revolution': interview with Palestinian fighter

Attica 50th anniversary: the sound before the fury


Letters FRFI 284, October/November 2021